Unique Jewellery

With the theme of bringing you unique and interesting things here is yet another offering from us - "Aliame Jewellery". A range of extraordinary, unique and original designer jewellery which is 100% handcrafted .


So why Jewellery?
I know all you ladies like jewellery but, like me, most don't like jewellery stores and their same run of the mill designs. We seek designs that are different, truly creative and that tell a story making them one-of-a-kind! We look for signature styles which make us stand out from the milieu.

I studied and trained in jewellery designing and making. Plus am also a certified Gemologist and Diamond Grader with close to 5 years of experience working in the jewellery industry. Early on I thoroughly enjoyed making precious jewellery for my clients so have decided to ignite that passion again.

You being on our website means you appreciate the unique and extraordinary. So here is a sneak peak at my collections on Aliame. To buy visit my store at www.aliame.com and browse the entire range.


Nature's Glory

We owe our sustenance to mother nature and it’s truly beautiful creations. Creativity was abound when adapting from the natural elements of fire and water. Use of exquisite gold and enamel plating infuses these designs with a life of their own. The piece shown here is called the Falling Fire.

Falling Fire
Unleash the fire within you with these gorgeous earrings with gold plated flames. The fire is falling....contain it if you can.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Plating: The earring is plated with white Rhodium and yellow gold plating to bring out the brightness of the flames



Science for Design

Science has defined life as we know it today. The boundless knowledge offered by this discipline can inspire anything. This collection is just as intriguing and exciting. So here is starting at the very core with Atoms. The design shown here is called 'Amazing Atoms - long'
Amazing Atoms - long
The world is made up of these tiny things called atoms. These earrings capture their essence with the electrons existing in a cloud orbiting the nucleus. A longer dangling version of the Amazing Atoms.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Plating: The electron beads on the orbit and the suspended rings  are plated with black rhodium while the rest is pated with white rhodium to bring out the contrast.



A twist in the Tale

Who doesn't love a good story? A captivating story is the one which has many twists and turns and this is what guided our collection. It is as riveting and fascinating as a beautiful story. the design here is called 'Twisted Spirals'

Twisted Spirals
A truly unique twist on the mesmerising spiral, with twisted silver wires completely hand shaped to form graduating loops.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Plating: The earring is plated with white rhodium



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