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“We Travel Not to Escape Life,
But for Life, Not to Escape Us”

We are travel freaks ourselves and would love to own all of these things....surely one day 🙂 and in fact we have already started buying some of these. There hasn't been one person I met who said they didn't like travelling but of course the crazy meter varies 😛 so we have compiled here a list of ideas from essentials to just a little extravagant for any travel lover.

You will see many maps here because nothing is more synonymous with travel than maps showcasing the world but there is a whole lot more so go on and explore...!

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Flat water bottle

Before just now.... till you knew this existed... did you realise you could possibly need something like this? Did you wonder just like me "whoa why didn't I know about this earlier??" I mean how inconvenient are those round bottles in our flat backpack/handbags/laptop bags/suitcases etc etc

Imagine how comfortably you can carry your water in this bottle not just when you travel but like in your daily lives......Plus it's so fun to look at and reasonably priced 😉

Brief Product Description
Made of food grade plastic , Contains 380 ML. Leakproof Lid, slides into your bag. It fits neatly into any carrying case, just like a book or a computer. Durable and Freezer proof and heat resistant.
Review: 4 ratings 
4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 294 on Amazon

Get it here in purple @ Rs 379 on Flipkart

travel toiletries kit

How many times have you had to use dandruff shampoo when you had no dandruff? How often has that hotel shampoo made your hair sticky because it did not suit your hair type? Did you want to carry your fav cream or lotion but couldn't because we all buy those huge value packs :P?

Well the moment I came across this product, I knew it had to go on my list so here is a collection of tiny bottles in which you can put/pour your personal favourites whenever and wherever you travel.

Brief Product Description
Contents include 1 Transparent Zippered Vinyl Bag with Carry Handle, 2 Spray Bottles, 3 Bottles, 3 Small Boxes, 1 Stick, 1 Funnel and Transparent Label Stickers.
Review: 19 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 649 on Amazon

travel cushion cover

Tired of the same old boring cushion covers? How about flaunting your interest in travel 😉 ? I sifted through many many travel designs and this is the one that caught my fancy. It is creative, not too busy and perfect for any decor type especially with it's neutral colour palette which matched most sofa upholsteries.

Brief Product Description
Multi, Printed, 40x40. Polyester. 1 Cushion Cover without filler. Gentle machine wash, Cold wash, Dry in shade, Do not bleach

Get it here @ Rs 499 on Amazon

Portable Beach mat cum chair

Love beaches? Love the beach loungers? Can't find them on Indian beaches? Well now you can carry your very own.....always have a place to lounge on the beach with your stuff safely tucked away in the back pocket. Also not just beaches it can be pretty awesome on a jungle trip too!

Brief Product Description
Fully-padded with adjustable reclining backrest. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap and a large zippered pocket. Its steel frame means it is built to last. Dimensions: 21.25"w x 63.5"l top to bottom and 42.5"l from the crease where you sit to the bottom of the mat.
Amazon.com Review: 108 ratings 4.5 stars

Ironing Mat

All of us have to travel for weddings and other social engagements where we frantically run around to iron our finery. Also what about sometimes a business trip when you choose to stay with family or friends. The chances that you would find an ironing board are a little slim so why not carry one with you??

Brief Product Description
Introducing the all new Synergy Ironing Mat for your ironing needs. Transform any flat surface into ironing table with this mat. Comes with a silicone pad for keeping the iron flat even if its hot. Comes with a storing bag for easy storage.

Review: 10 ratings 4.5 stars

Pee Buddy

Road trips are an inherent part of Indian travel with so many weekend destinations just a drive away. We women sometimes have it the worst because attending the nature's call becomes the most dreaded thing where we go to the extent of not drinking water lest we have to 'go'. How many times have we looked at the men standing and relieving themselves and said 'wow wish we could do that'?? So ladies here is the invention we had all been waiting for...!!!!

Brief Product Description
Disposable - Female Urination Device for Women - Using which Women can STAND & Urinate in all Public & Common. Using PeeBuddy you can simple STAND & PEE and avoid all UTIs/Infections/Yucky Experiences at Dirty Toilets. It comes with simple OPEN-PLACE-PEE-THROW instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills! No more Wiping of Seat, no more squats, no more holding it in.
Review: 30 ratings 4 stars

Travel Infant Feeder

For all the mommies out there who love to travel...wouldn't you want to make life simpler for yourself when it comes to travelling with your precious little ones?? This bottle cum feeder will surely reduce your travel woes because it is quite cumbersome to carry plates, spoons or bowls along.

Brief Product Description
This feeder is an ideal ergonomic feeding equipment for toddlers and helps in feeding them semi-solid food. It is made of silicone, which makes it soft and easy to use. You need to squeeze the base of the feeder gently and fetch the required amount on the spoon to feed your baby.
Amazon.com Review: 20 ratings 4.5 stars

The Tillow

This beach towel has featured on many a travel must have lists. Why?? Because when you want to lounge on your beach towel and take a nice nap then you sure as hell don't want to worry about your stuff. That is when this beach towel which has a built in pillow case to actually hold your stuff safely and securely while you get that gorgeous tan 🙂

Brief Product Description
Removable pillow, contoured foam pillow for maximum cranium comfort. Easy to wash and sealed with water and mildew-resistant lining. This is one quality pillow. Storage space camouflaged and water-resistant storage pocket that is safe from curious strangers. Touchscreen pocket touch screen window designed for your media device so you can switch songs, compile playlists and send messages without risk of damage. Camouflaged and headphone friendly to deter theft and keep your phone from overheating.
Amazon.com Review: 32 ratings 5 stars

Wallet Ear Plugs

Screaming kids on an airplane?? Kids are lovely but having them crying while you are trying to sleep, brings nightmares no??
Here come ear plugs to your rescue 😛 .......these really convenient ear plugs actually fit straight in your wallet and all you have to do is roll it up and put them in your ear for your sound sleep 🙂

Brief Product Description
4 pairs. NRR - 12db. Silky smooth.
Our Review: 1 rating 4.5 stars
We bought this a few months ago and my husband always has one in his wallet 😉

Waterproof Pouch

How many times have you wanted to take pics and videos underwater when you saw beautiful sea life while snorkeling? Also what about taking your phone worry free to the beach to get those beautiful photos? Provides waterproof protection for mobile phone while maintaining full touch screen functionality.

Brief Product Description
Comes with FREE Neck and Arm Strap. Applied Air Bladder technology that keeps your device floating on water in case of accidental slips. Submersible up to 10 meters under water. Pouch installed with Transmitted voice/sound for calling and music.
Review: 34 ratings 4.5 stars

Electronic Organizer for Travel

When we travel these days we always carry our gadget entourage which means lots of cable and devices. This handy pouch can make carrying them so much easier and hassle free. Imagining travelling with all your electronics neatly tucked so you are not hunting for that adapter.

Brief Product Description
4 large & 8 small elastic organizer to hold various items like cables, pens drive and tools, etc., 2 small, 1 large mesh pocket with zipper for external hardisk power bank, 1 small mesh pocket with Velcro closure for memory & sim cards, 2 additional mesh pockets with easy access which can expand to store multiple sizes of USB drive and other gadgets
Review: 54 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 491 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 450 on Amazon

Foldable Travel Trolley

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could take that airport trolley with you all the way to your hotel when travelling? When travelling light isn't an option, this compact folding trolley will take the strain. Designed to be tough but not cumbersome, it also folds flat in seconds allowing for easy of carriage.

Brief Product Description
It can carry up to 35kg / 77lbs. The quick release telescopic handle, elasticated safety straps and robust base plate make this travel trolley reliable and easy to operate.
Review: 9 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,176 on Amazon

Get another more reasonable type @ Rs 1,299 on Flipkart

Headphone Splitter

2 years ago when we were travelling and were in the middle of our favorite series, we decided to continue the binge watching on the looong flight. Now one Tab only had 1 jack so how do we watch it together as always....so there it was my husband's quest to find something like a headphone splitter. We have also given the 5 way splitter option under 'Gadget Enthusiast' . 

Brief Product Description
BUILD: Dual Shielded Premium Quality MP3 Cable with High Quality Polished Metal Connectors with Gold Plated 3.5mm audio plugs. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Review: 70 ratings 4.5 stars

Clutch wrap

It is a multi-functioning purse that acts like a scarf. Hands free for traveling, medical use and beyond. Wear in a variety of ways; it even folds into a clutch purse. Everything you need, right where you need it. The BASIC line features a spacious primary zipper pocket to secure your passport, tickets, wallet, and other small personal items. The pocket may also be converted into a clutch purse when desired. Perfect for traveling, sporting events, concerts and more; it helps reduce the chance of theft and pick-pocketing.

Brief Product Description
Folded clutch dimensions: 10"L x 2"W x 8"H

Get it here @ Rs 4,370 on Amazon

Personalized Vacation Scratch Map

Imagine being able to look at your journey so far by revisiting the beautiful places you have travelled to. You can scratch out the countries you have been to. This massive Scratch Map is the perfect way to show off the vacations while livening up your wall with a colorful world map.

Brief Product Description
Each Country Is A Different Color Map Size: 82.5 x 59.4cm. Every country is a different colour.

Get it here @ Rs 3,290 on Amazon

World Trip Map Wall Sticker

This beautiful wall decal will transform any room of your house or any wall into a unique experience. Any travel lover has to have this decorating a wall in their house. It is ideal to decorate bedrooms, kids bedroom, living room, office etc.
I know we do that's why we actually bought one for ourselves too and have it proudly displayed in the main hall! 🙂

Brief Product Description
Easy to Apply - Just Peel & Stick! Applies to any Smooth Surface. Simply peel and stick on any smooth, dry and clean surface, including walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, even automotive surfaces and more. High quality eco PVC. Sheet Size in cms: 60 x 90; Assembled Size (Height X Width in cm): 80 x 140
Review: 50 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 349 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 368 on Flipkart

I love Paris Wall Sticker

This is another cool wall decal especially for Paris lovers :). Also I think it would look best at  the bottom of the wall so any passage way is the perfect place to put it.  
Brief Product Description
Dimensions: 45 x 5 x 5 cm. Material:PVC Vinyle. Easy to install just peel and paste on wall by arranging design like puzzle.
Review: 4 ratings4.5 stars

Interactive World Map for Kids

If you are a traveller then chances are your kids love to travel too! This is a really fun way to get your kids to learn about the world so they can appreciate all the vacations you take together. This world map kit with hundreds of stickers is the most fun way to learn about different countries and their locations by placing stickers of flags, monuments, animals, currencies against their respective countries.

Brief Product Description
Washable, non-tear world map with pictures of monuments, animals and a lot more drawn all over it.
Review: 5 ratings4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 475 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 499 on Amazon

Personalized Passport Holder

Your unique passport holder. Your friends and family can have their name printed on this exquisite passport holder which is also practical. Passports are with you for at least 10 years and if you are a traveller then you want them to be damage free on your many many travels.

Brief Product Description
Measures approximately 8.5” x 4.5”. It has room for a Passport, 3 cards or credit cards and a secure pocket with zipper for your cash or coins along with a pen holder.

Get it here @ Rs 799 on Amazon

We have something like this which you may want to consider @ Rs 380 on Flipkart

Travel Shoe Bag

Admittedly I still use poly bags to wrap our shoes so for all our friends reading this, we need to be gifted a couple of these ;P. These are super cool gift ideas for a travel lover as shoes can be neatly packed, transparent top makes it easy o pick the right one. It seems perfect for any type of shoes really

Brief Product Description
Top-zippered opening with convenient carrying strap. 12 months manufacturer warranty.
Review: 8 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 409 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 350 on Amazon

Minion Luggage Tag

For all the minion lovers out there. The super cute minion will set your luggage apart. These quirky tags are bright yellow in color and since yellow is the one of the most eye catching color... you know you will never miss your bag thanks to these vibrant little luggage tags. There are many more variations out there with quirky lines and designs so browse and fin your love 😉

Brief Product Description
Material: PVC. Weight: 100gms
Review: 2 ratings5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 375 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 225 on Amazon

My Travel Journal

This amazing retro style journal will enable one to record their travel plans, agendas, lists and observations. The journal comes with an exclusive section to paste in tickets, photographs, maps and business cards. It comes with a pocket for storing travel souvenirs and mementos. The journal is presented in a handy format, which will be perfect for carrying around on travels. Available with a fantastic cover design, it is a must-have for young adventurers and travel enthusiasts.

Brief Product Description
Hardcover: 144 pages. H x W: 160 x 120
Review: 16 ratings 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 352 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 277 on Amazon

Foldable Backpack

For all our long trips there are shorter ones in between. Vacationers always have day trips planned from their base camp. This bag is ideal for those quick journeys amidst the travel spread. These are foldable and light weight so easily sneak into your luggage. Also waterproof. A must have for any travel lover....We have one too!
Brief Product Description
It is made from PU that makes its durable, Light Weight and handy and Easy to carry after Folding
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.


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