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“Reading is food for the soul”

We are sure that many of you out there are avid readers, its only the degree which varies…someone moves onto the next book as soon as they finish the one they are reading and then there are others (like me :p) who wait for some book to catch their fancy before they pick it up. There is something here for both :).

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Metal Clip Bookmark

LED Flat reading light

For all you people whose new year resolution is reading, reading and more reading with serious goals then let this 'light' the way to your path :). Now you don't have to close your favorite book just because it's getting dark, continue your reading journey in using this awesome reading light. 

Brief Product Description
Plexiglass material creates more natural and soft light protecting people's eyes. The brightness of the light can be regulated using 3 AAA batteries with sustainable use of more than 50 hours.

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Evolution Book Ends

Inspired by the notion that reading makes us more knowledgeable and therefore helps us evolve. Featuring an ape at one end and a Homo Sapien at the other, this bookend pair is loosely based on the March of Progress; the 25 million years of human evolution from our primate ancestors to the modern man - although it skips a few steps to make room for your books! A great way to keep your favourite reads organised, this quirky bookend pair will definitely spark the interest of your visitors.

Brief Product Description
6" Height x 4" and 5" deep. Made of Iron. Can be customised. Anti slippery silicon pads for additional furniture protection. Holds a long row of books.
Review: 3 ratings 

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Lamp Post Book Ends

These book end are perfectly suited for your friends and family who love reading and also have an aesthetic sense for gorgeous decor. Any simple table top can be converted into a beautiful book rack by placing these lamp post design holders at both ends. They are extremely stylish and make for awesome wedding or anniversary gifts.

Brief Product Description
Metal book end/stand made with 1.5 mm steel, laser cuting done on the product to bring out the creativity and perfection. Powder coated finishing done with black/copper colour. H x W x D: 12.7 x 43.1 x 20.3 cm
Review: 2 ratings4 stars

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Steel Book Ends

The theme pushing the boundaries of knowledge is just as apt for displaying your versatile book collection. Simple book cases are old school....pep them up with your own personal style statement and flaunt your literary taste 😉 

Brief Product Description
Made of steel. Set of 2. Width - 3.9 inch, Height - 6.2 inch, Depth - 6.6 inch, Weight 1.5 kg.


Get it here in Black @ Rs 5,499 on Flipkart


Metal Clip Bookmark

Metal Clip Bookmark

This is for the reader who prefers something more stylish. It is also perfect for a professional with a penchant for reading who reads extensively even at work. Also the interesting thing about this design is, the fact that it will be visible on the spine of the book so the reader can immediately reach out for the book they are reading.

Brief Product Description
From Schwanenhals. Material: Polished Nickel

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Dictionary Bookmark

No-one wants to lose the plot right in the middle of a book when they bump into a word they don’t understand! Here’s a neat idea - the answer you seek is right here at your fingertips, meaning you can type in and read on all from the comfort of your own book! Winner of Gift of the Year 2011 (Stationery Category).

Brief Product Description
Taken the Collins English Dictionary with 38,000 definitions, shrunk it down to size, popped on some helpful buttons. It’s intuitively easy to use, has a battery-preserving power shut off and comes with full operating instructions.
Review: 2 ratings  4.5 stars

Get it here in Grey @ Rs 1,949 on Amazon

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Get it here in Grey @ Rs 2,899 from Exciting Lives

Portable Solar Reading Clip on Lamp

It is great for readers who get those late night cravings to read that super interesting novel be it a hard back book or on their Kindle. They don't want their obsession to disturb anyone be it at home or while travelling. It's also eco-friendly with the solar panel and is extremely flexible so adjusting just the way one wants is easy peasy.

Brief Product Description
It can work for 12 hours after each recharge. The three HB LEDs have 50.000 hours continuous service life. It is made of new Eco-Friendly material. CE and RHOS certification guarantees the product safety. This innovative lamp comes with two charging options : solar and USB charging.
Review: 21 ratings 4.5 stars

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Handmade Wooden Nose Shaped Spectacle/Sun glass Holder

Do you know someone who is always looking for their glasses? Especially with rimless glasses today I know I always find it difficult to spot them. Also you may remember the time when you sat on them and panicked! :).
This wooden nose shaped holder serves as a cool  functional stand to keep your spectacle /sun glass in a safe place. You can gift one or a set of two if you are a couple.

Brief Product Description
Material: Wood. Size: Height - 6.5 inches. Weight: 170 Grams
Review: 86 ratings4.5 stars

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The Lazy Reader

How many times have you wished that you could read while lying down on bed without having to lift your hands up or without straining your neck?? This ingenious creation is the ultimate accessory! The specially mirrored lenses project the text from the book in your lap to your line of vision. Now lie down flat on your bed and watch TV, Read, browse or play games on your mobile/tablet without lifting your neck up.

Brief Product Description
Made to high optical standards and can be worn over spectacles and are an efficient way to reduce pain in the neck, lumbar spine and head.
Review: 4 ratings 5 stars

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The Reading Rest

Ever felt like placing your book on the table and enjoying a quick bite? Reading a manual and trying to install something? This awesome stand makes reading delightful and stress free again!  Hand-free reading has never been so much fun before. It is lightweight yet sturdy. Expandable side wings for an extendable frame help to accommodate large hard-copy books too.

Brief Product Description
It is lightweight yet sturdy. Colour : Blue/White Size: 210 x 150 mm x 11 mm. Multiple Tilt Adjustable- from 0 to 60 Degrees. Non Slip PVC rubber base to prevent your stand from slipping away.

The Hands Stand

This amazing high-quality stand is designed for tablets and books. Its gentle, spring-loaded mitts will hold on tightly, freeing up hands for all kinds of other useful things. And when you're done using it - it folds away neatly, making it ideal for use at home, on the train, a plane or in the office.

Brief Product Description
Material: High quality plastic. Size when folded: 2.5 x 4.5 x 21 cm

Get it here @ Rs 1,349 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 1,299 from Exciting Lives

The Reading Table

Readers come in all forms and some might like to read online so this cool table will be perfect for them. Obviously they like reading books too so I suggest you can buy one of the Reading rests we mentioned before to go with it for a complete set :). Multi-function notebook table which doubles up as your Bed Table, Reading Table, Breakfast Table and much more. Plus the mobile cum tablet holder helps increase your productivity by allowing you to pass unimportant calls or emails.

Brief Product Description
Inbuilt Mobile cum Tablet Holder which is compatible with devices of upto 8 inch screen size. Aesthetically pleasing design with CNC Machined Wood Top and Glossy Stainless Steel Legs.

Little Holder Bookmark

Another version of the 'Thumb Thing' which holds your book open - looks like a lightweight-performs like a heavyweight! Just clip this muscular miniature on to your hardback and paperback books and let Little Book Holder take the strain while you get to grips with your reading. You can now use your free hands to storke the cat and pat the dog! Available in a variety of colours....and, yes, it really works!

Brief Product Description
Material: Made of Plastic. Size: 12.8cm x 8.2cm

Page Corner Bookmark

Remember the era when we didn't know things like book marks existed but still loved to read?? I do, and folding the corner of the page was my way of marking it :). This is what this super cool book mark brings alive for us....the memories and the love of reading!

Brief Product Description
Product Made up of : 350gsm Printed Matt Laminated Card with Embossing. Dimensions : 52mm W x 53mm H

Get it here @ Rs 199 on Amazon

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All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.

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