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“Happiness is........ 
Peeling the protective transparent sticker off a new gadget

If you agree with the above.....you want to browse through the list below. We have put together some fun gadgets for you which are super functional too. They will make your life easier in ways you perhaps didn't imagine 😉 and make for unique gifts too.

Caution: All products are not electronic so don't let that shock you!! 😛  

*Please note that the reviews may be slightly different from our site as they cannot be automatically updated.

Metal Clip Bookmark


Do you want to share and listen to your favorite songs with your friends or watching a video together? On your phone or laptop, if you don't want to disturb others then a headphone splitter is just what you need. Now there are so many options to choose from so try the one that works for you. I have taken the liberty to pick the 5 way so if you got friends joining then sharing can continue 🙂

Brief Product Description
5-Way 3.5 mm Headphone Splitter.
Review: 20 ratings 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,299 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 854 on Amazon


Key Finder

Remember when you can't find where you kept your keys, your wallet, etc etc?? How many times have you wondered....."Damn I wish the stupid key/wallet could tell me where they are" :D. Also imagine not losing your phone again....
This is an awesome invention for everyone because I don't know anyone who hasn't forgotten where things are.

Brief Product Description
Tile is a small bluetooth device you attach to anything you don't want to misplace or lose. You then locate your item via the free app on your smartphone or tablet. You can locate your Tile by ringing it from the app. Tile's distinctive melody will play until your lost item is back in safe hands
Review: 2 ratings 4.5 stars

Get a similar one here @ Rs 3,950 on Amazon

Get a different type here @ Rs 2,100 on Flipkart

All Weather Bike Charger

Charging your battery on the go - literally! If you ride long distance and your phone is in the habit of running out of battery then you need to have this. It's a great gift for others and yourself 😉

Brief Product Description
All Weather Waterproof Charger. Complimentary: INR 799 worth Charging Cables - Micro USB for Android, Lightning for Apple Devices. Universal: Works with all 12V-24V Bike batteries. Peace of Mind: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Review: 15 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,199 on Amazon
Get a more economical different brand here @ Rs 750 on Flipkart

Car Dual Charger

How unfair is it that cars have only 1 charger? When both of us or more people are travelling it's a competition to see who has less battery and gets to charge their phone ;). I realized that no matter who won  someone always lost, so well...not anymore 😛 

Brief Product Description
Dual USB charger with LED Display and Super fast Charging ability. You can charger your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone and tablet with this unique gadget. It has a unique LED display for displaying the actual car voltage and display warning in case of low voltage. It also has an inbuilt low / high voltage alarm.
Review: 118 ratings3.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 699 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 1,099 on Flipkart

Stir Crazy

How cool is an automatic stirrer. I mean holding your blender while it whizzes away is a bit painful isn't it...especially for longer times. Juts leave this little device and it stirs away.

Brief Product Description
Stirs up to 4 hours. 100% waterproof and can be submerged 3) Withstand temperatures upto 572 degrees. Silicone feet stir up against the edges also. Size: 185x100x100mm

Get it here @ Rs 2,121 on Amazon


How many times have you wanted to customize gifts with your personal engraved messages? Now you can easily do it at home....just buy anything you want and give it your own flavour by engraving messages for your loved one. You can also use it to put your name on your valuables for security reasons :P.

Brief Product Description
Weight: 0.31 k. Engraves on metal, glass, wood, plastic, and ceramic. 5-position calibrated stroke adjustment dial regulates engraving depth. One point comes with the tool already fitted in the engraver.er. Letter or number template included.
Review: 58 ratings 4 stars

Ring Grip

This has many ways usages as you can read in the product description but my favorite one is simply being able to securely hold your phone with one finger, literally. It makes it so easy to hold your phone and walk say when you have other stuff like keys or water bottle in your hand. You just know your expensive phone won't slip away and that's mental peace for me  😉

Brief Product Description
Doubles as kickstand for hands-free usage on tables. Includes Hook Mount for docking on car dashboards. Rotates and swivels for personalized comfort and versatility. Compatible with smartphones with flat & non-textured backs
Review: 9 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,049 on Amazon

Get a more economical one here @ Rs 299 on Flipkart

Table Phone Holder

Imagine being able to bring your phone to your eye level which makes it perfect for reading those news apps or watching any videos. It's great for any gadget lover. One can easily hook the stand to their table and enjoy comfortable reading/viewing.

Brief Product Description
Universal bed/desktop tablet/phone mount holder. 360 degree rotating design, convenient for video entertainment. Anti-skip pads prevent nipped thing from damage. 03 Months Seller Warranty
Review: 54 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 287 on Amazon

Mobile Screen Magnifier

Now you can project Google maps 3 to 5 times larger than what you see on the phone....Our friends recently bought this and have proclaimed it to be one of the best money spent. This nifty little product will enlarge your phone screen so you don't feel the need to buy a tablet ;P.

Brief Product Description
Folding design, small volume, convenient carrying on business travel. Feature: Material:Silicone, Acrylic, ABS 3x-5x Magnification.
Review: 8 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 399 on Flipkart
Get a different brand in white here @ Rs 495 on Amazon

A million thanks to Deepti & Nikhil Kulkarni for sharing this cool product idea!!

Mobile Phone Shelf

We think all homes need this thing...don't they?? I know I have to shift tables or chairs to keep my phone when I am charging them or find the socket where I can keep the phone close by without having to worry it will fall off. So now you don't have to....enjoy the freedom of choosing any socket....the world is your oyster 😛 😛

Brief Product Description
Set of 4. Light weight & compact travel charging base. Inbuilt cable manager for better cable organization. Designed to fit almost all shapes and sizes of chargers.
Review: 74 ratings4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 299 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 299 on Amazon

Phone Charging Case

Would you love more battery life for your phones?? Ok, I know everyone answered yes.
Now, how many of you wish you could charge on the go? You will say, we know about power banks...duh!
How about charging on the go without any power bank?? Tada.....this is what this case actually does, replace your normal case with this charging case and it charges your phone just by being there 🙂

Brief Product Description
Slim Design, it more than doubles your iPhone's battery life. Apple MFi Certified: Complete charge and sync compatibility with the iPhone 6. Transfer data or charge phone using the included Apple certified Micro USB cable (no need to remove battery case). 125% Longer Battery Life with 3100mAh capacity
Review: 32 ratings 4.5 stars 

Get the iPhone shown here @ Rs 3,999 on Amazon and Get a different type here @ Rs 2,199 on Flipkart

Scooter Umbrella

With summer beating down on us....we know bikers have it the toughest. This is an amazingly cool solution...some of you may find it funny but let's get our priorities right...staying cool is more important ;). In fact, I have heard people in Hyderabad have already started using these. Imagine having shade over your head in the afternoon while riding......

Brief Product Description
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 5.1 x 91.4 cm ; 1.5 Kg. Can Be detached from the fixed rod and folded. Doesn't Fly away or gets bent/inverted with the speed of Wind. More colors so pick and choose.
Review: 3 Ratings 4 stars

Get it here in purple @ Rs 1,600 on Flipkart
Get it here in blue @ Rs 3,999 on Amazon


Bag Bright

Women love big bags but are always struggling to find things in those huge bags. This interior light is a super cool idea for you to quickly find what you want. It might really come in handy, especially if you find yourself looking for your keys in the dark, or struggling to find something in your purse while sitting in a darkened movie theater.  It's made of soft silicone rubber, so it won't scratch up the contents of your bag.

Brief Product Description
Hangs from the strap of your bag, clipped into place securely with a magnetic carabiner. Illuminates bright LED on the press of a button. Battery operated. Measures 7.6 x 1.5 x 0.4 cms

Get it here @ Rs 499 from Hit Play

All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.

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