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“Invite yourself to
the party called Life”

Hosting well was and is considered an art. Then there are those who become the life of a party. Also there are friends who are always game for an evening out. Then the ones who love to pull the herd together. Social species come in may shapes and forms.

So for all the socially active animals out there.....there is a pretty long list of really cool things we have here for you. If you want to gift it to someone you know then that's great idea too!

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Awesome Beer Glass

Over the years we have gifted Champagne Flutes, Shot Glasses, Whiskey Glasses and of course Beer Glasses. I have decided to put these viking horn shaped beer glass/mugs simply because we know many beer drinkers and these looked so different from the regular stuff out there. If you know a whiskey lover feel free to browse through those and select one :P.
Brief Product Description
Comes with the wooden stand. Capacity 350ml
Review: 4 ratings4.5 stars

Beer Chiller Glass

Who loves cold beer??? (Ans: I know everyone), now......... Who loves warm beer??? (Ans: you know no one). That's why every beer lover has to have these chiller glasses, period 😛
Brief Product Description
These Gel acrylic mugs are insulated with a double wall construction and filled with freezable ice gel, that helps keep your drink cold and refreshing. Capacity 300ml.
Review: 3 ratings 5 stars

Beer Bottle Chiller

Now what if you are serving pints and are simply too lazy to serve them in glasses fearing the fizz will go away because you drink slowly ;). Well how about a steel rod you can dip in your bottle and voila!!.... cold beer till you finish.

Brief Product Description
The steel rod needs to be chilled for a few hours and then dipped in the bottle to make the beer cold. The rod has a drink through feature to deliver a smooth, consistent flow of beer.
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Beer Making Kit

For the beer fans who would like to step their fan meter up a notch...why not brew your own beer?? If you do this I can assure you no one will every question your beer loyalty again :P. Check this out if you want to indulge yourself or want to gift to someone you know who would just love to get this 🙂
Brief Product Description
This Kit Includes two All Malt refills to make 4 gallons of home brewed beer. Includes a 2 Gallon reusable lightweight shatter resistant Keg that is made from FDA compliant plastic, is BPA free and imparts no taste or flavor migration in your beer. It also comes with 11 reusable 740ml plastic bottles with caps and beer labels and easy to follow brewing instructions. All the equipment in it is completely reusable, all you need is another refill to brew your next batch

Poker Set

My family enjoys playing cards when we get together with cousins and that's why I have grown up loving cards games. It is super fun to actually play poker with friends with proper chips and all which makes it feel more real :p. Of course like responsible adults we do keep a cap on the money everyone 'buys in' for the evening.  I have personally wanted to gift this to ourselves so maybe on our Anniversary this year 😉

Brief Product Description
11.50gms Casino Standard 200 Chips. 2 Decks Casino Standard Playing Cards. 5 Acrylic Dice and 1 Dealer Button Aluminum Case with Lock.
Review: 16 ratings 4.5 stars

Get a 300 Chips set here @ Rs 2,399 on Flipkart

Get the 200 Chips set here @ Rs 2,399 on Amazon

Metal Clip Bookmark

Casino Game Set

This is another game set....well no social get together is fun without gaming entertainment and this one has more you can play if you know how...coz I honestly don't know :P. But no time like present to learn right?? So get this before your next party and teach yourself.

Brief Product Description
Including 5 your favourite games, Roulette,Poker,Blackjack,Craps,Poker Dice. 2 Reversible playing mats, 1 plastic Roulette Wheel, with plastic rake, and 2 steel balls 100 pc ABS material poker chips 1 deck playing card 3 dices 1 dealer chips

Review: 6 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 999 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 950 on Amazon

Blow On and Off Retro LED Lamp

I know this is more suited for romantic settings but well I would love to use it for my girly gang get together too. Also with a group you can hang it in your balcony for a soft light instead of the harsh over head lamp. Try it and I am sure you will enjoy it with your friends/family!

Brief Product Description
Dimmer Control Knob to adjust the brightness. Rechargeable built-in battery charge through USB cable. High quality resin body base and top transparent acrylic shade. 3 LED light for more brightness. LED light has a life of 6000 Hours.
Review: 3 ratings3.5 stars 

Get a different brand [email protected] Rs 297 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 339 on Amazon

Golf Bar Set

For the one who loves their golf and their drinks this is just perfect! Even if you don't love golf it's a really quirky bar set ;). So next time you have to entertain guests for a cocktail, how neat would it be to actually use this.

Brief Product Description
Includes leather golf bag with opener, stirrers, cork opener, ice crusher etc that go into it as clubs. Approximately 16.5 cm in height. Color: Brown
Review: 8 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,250 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,075 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 1,199 from Exciting Lives


Bar Set

People who love hosting parties and having people over need to get this. We gifted one to someone we know and needless to say they loved it! 🙂
Brief Product Description
Includes 9 accessories: Ice bucket, tray, peg measure, cocktail knife, strainer, opener, ice pick, stand and shaker. Color: Silver, Material: Stainless steel
Review: 2 ratings 5 stars

Ice Balls

Must Have product for this Summer and Parties. These ice balls because of their spherical shape won't melt as easily as ice plus you can use this silicon mold to get even more creative by making juice Popsicle for kids or infuse with lime or mint for cocktails. Writing all this suddenly gave me the urge  to buy it ;P.

Brief Product Description
Ice tray makes 4 X 4.5cm sphere shaped ice balls. 100% BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe for Quick and Easy Care. Flexible ice mold won't crack or break, like a plastic ice tray. 100% Money back Satisfaction Guarantee, 1 Year Limited Warranty
Review: 18 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,299 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,199 on Amazon

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

For all those whiskey lovers out there who hate for their drink to get diluted, this is just the thing. Also for the soft drink drinkers, this is a god send because you want it cold but you don't want it watery. These are a nifty little gifting idea which is also very useful re-defining chilling ;).
Brief Product Description
Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel. Package Contents: 6-Pieces Ice Cube. Warranty: 1 year on product
Review: 4 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,863 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,562 on Amazon

Funky Bulb Glasses

Yes, everyone has glasses at home but I am almost certain most of us don't have theeeese.....They are super funky and add a little spice to your entertaining when you bring out the cocktails in these unusual glasses. They are great even for kids parties where you can fill them with juices or use it crafts. So get creative!

Brief Product Description
Set of 3. Colorful Lids & Straws. Capacity 400ml. Screw on top allows you to fill the jar with anything. Also a Hole on the lid for Colorful Straws or even a Flower!
Review: 3 ratings 3.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,049 on Amazon
Get it here @ Rs 599 on Flipkart

Bar Butler - Shot Dispenser

Ok, this may seem a bit extravagant 😛 but hell it's a gift and people love to get things which they normally wouldn't spend on so this gives you a chance to gift something unique which they would never have thought of. A bar butler which dispenses shots so one doesn't have to make them over and over. Since this is a social species section, it fits perfectly in the ambit!
Brief Product Description
Material: Aluminium and Plastic. Dispense 35 ml approx in single shot. Place it on wall or shelf
Review: 2 ratings4.5 stars

Bull's Eye Cocktail Sticks

These are again a cool take on toothpicks to give your mock-tails a spunky twist. You can also serve finger food, olives for your Martinis or serve a cheese, pineapple and cherry stick for Wines.

Brief Product Description
Set of 12. They're great to serve your finger foods or even accessorize your martinis.
Review: 1 rating4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 325 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 225 on Amazon
Get it here @ Rs 299 from Exciting Lives


Soda Maker

So.... for frequent socialites soda is quintessential. I mean no party is complete without soda and ice and if you try to remember how many soda bottles you have consumed over the years, you will see why this is needed :). That's why we recommend gifting this cool piece of equipment period.
Brief Product Description
One pack includes the Sodamaker unit, one CO2 cylinder that can make approx 35 Litres of Soda and one 1L BPA-Free PET bottle
Review: 13 ratings4.5 stars

Rocking Glasses

Now this has, what you call a 'Wow factor'.....when you at them for the first time, there is a sense of awe. The design is superb to trick you into believing the glasses are actually tilted when they are perfectly stable. For any connoisseur, this will be a cherished possession.

Brief Product Description
2 hand made, non lead crystal Fifth Avenue Scotch Glasses. 8 Scotch Rocks that you put in the freezer and then in your drink to chill the drink. 1 white bag to store your Scotch Rocks in the freezer.

Get it here @ Rs 6,284 on Amazon

'Bulb' Ashtray

This funky little ashtray is meant for all the smokers in the party. A really fun thing to buy or gift.

Brief Product Description
Material: plastic; Colour: White. Size: 14 cm x 9 cm x 8.5 cm. Use them on the tables to avoid ash being thrown all over. Care Instructions: Don't Apply Pressure from the top

Get it here @ Rs 2,799 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 699 on Amazon

Drinking Roulette

Which fun lover doesn't love a drinking game. For ages, we have played and invented so many drinking contests......well....here is a chance to play yet another with the added fun of an actual casino game. You can add your personal tweaks to the game and make it more fun interesting too. 

Brief Product Description
Features: Shot glass roulette drinking game Perfect for 2-8 players Can be hand washed What's Included: Sixteen (16) shot glasses Two (2) balls One (1) roulette table
Review: 12 ratings 4 stars

Get a different brand here @ Rs 599 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,299 on Amazon

Drinking Darts

Ever played or correction 'tried to play' darts when tipsy???....it's too much fun ;). The darts are magnetic so don't worry too much. It is available in many price ranges to check them out.
Also just thought I would mention that there are many other games out there so go ahead and get the one you would like to play with your friends and family.

Brief Product Description
Features target with game rules metal stand 4 magnetic darts and 4 shot glasses. Stand measures 9-78 x 13-58 x 2-34. Gift boxed.

Shot Glass Thela

I loved this quirky tray to bring your shot glasses in.....it caught my eye immediately. Imagine bringing your shots to the guests in this.... If you liked what you felt then it's time to gift it to yourself 🙂

Brief Product Description
Color: multicolor. Item Weight: 2 Kg. Product Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 14 cm. Primary material: Wood
Review: 2 ratings  4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 950 on Amazon

All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.

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