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"Eating is a need,
Eating Well, is an Art"

Food is the essence of life therefore one should eat well in order to say they have lived well :). We are big time foodies ourselves and know for a fact that many of you out there are too.
So here is a list of out-of-the-ordinary things you can gift yourself if you love cooking or eating or serving or basically anything to do with Food!

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Hands-Free Bag Holder

Raise your hands if you have had a tough time transferring food into bags......it's not supposed to be a 2 person job but you so wished that you had the additional pair of hands to hold the bag open while you pour your stuff.  Well, here is the lending hand you wanted in the form of a bag holder 🙂 

Brief Product Description
3.9" L x 1.5" W x 1.75" H. Just slide Bag Re-Sealer across bags to seal in freshness. Magnetic back keeps Bag Re-Sealer handy on your refrigerator. Safely pack cosmetics when traveling.

Get it here @ Rs 642 on Amazon

Batter Dispenser with Blender

As bakers if one has to pour batter for cupcakes....isn't it a task?? Also for home cooks, if you make pancakes you know what a challenge it is to pour batter without it spilling on your pan and stove and what not. This neat little product, will make all that and more, so much easier. Plus this design has the hand crank blender to ensure the right consistency is poured every time! 🙂

There are also versions without the blender (rating from that) which are cheaper so if that works for you then go right ahead and check them out.

Brief Product Description
Specification: Color: Pink Red Total Size: 22 x 16.5cm Scale: 200-800ml / 8-28oz Material: ABS, PS, 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone. Package Includes: 1x Hand-crank Blender
Review:2 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 499 on Amazon

Bag Re-sealer

Q. What happens to the left over chips from the party? Ans. they get soggy and we throw them away 🙁 . Isn't this the case with many namkeens and snacks?? How many boxes can one have to store and sometimes just transferring content from here to there is so tedious. Then there are sealing clips, yes, but this surely takes the magic one step further! 🙂

Brief Product Description
Just slide Bag Re-Sealer across bags to seal in freshness. Magnetic back keeps Bag Re-Sealer handy on your refrigerator. Creates airtight seal.
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,871 on Amazon

Chef's Thumb

When we look at chefs chopping veggies, don't we wish we could be that good??....The way they can cut so fast without worrying about their fingers. Well that took them years of intense training but with this finger guard we can chop like a pro without worrying about how to not cut ourselves 😉

Brief Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic. Color: Silver & White. Viper Bite technology grips and stabilizes the cutting surface, ensuring safe and secure cutting. No. of Pieces: 1. Allows for a closer cut, right to the end of the produce

Get it here @ Rs 3,403 on Amazon

Lap Tray

Q. Why we started to look for a product like this?? - Ans. We eat our dinners  in front of our Projector/TV all the time but have to hold our plates in our hand because the center table is too low in the living room where we watch TV and Projector room does not have a table at all. And that is where this table comes in...so all our friends and family listening....we would love to get this as a gift too 😛

Brief Product Description
Easy to Assemble and comes with a Cup holder. The tray has L-shaped legs and so it slides completely under your sofa or bed giving you full access to the table.
Review: 16 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here in Brown @ Rs 1,249 on Flipkart
Get it here in Blue @ Rs 1,045 on Amazon


Fondue Set

I am sure everyone who likes fondues has marveled at them. Imagine being able to serve your own fondue at home when you have some company or be it a romantic night for just the 2 of you. The candle will burn throughout the night and will keep the Cheese/ Chocolate hot so you can enjoy that perfect bite every time. 

Brief Product Description
Made of white ceramic. Bowl capacity 350ml. Size - 9x9x9cm

Get it here @ Rs 2,660 on Flipkart
Get a personalized cup version - set for 2 @ Rs 1,706 on Amazon

Spill Stopper

I remember mom asking me to watch over the milk lest it boils and spills over making a complete mess by burning and sticking all over the stove top. I also remember that almost always it would end up spilling ;P. Even today I don't think there has been a time my rice water hasn't boiled over ;).  This amazing design ensures that the boiled over liquid stays on the lid itself and doesn't spill onto the stove...must have for clean kitchen lovers!

Brief Product Description
Made from heat-resistant silicone. 10 Inch Lid. Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 0.6 cm. 
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Get another type in 12 inch here @ Rs 940 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 675 on Amazon

Cake/Pizza Server

Most foodies love cakes and many love baking. Once you have made your masterpiece cake, it's only befitting that you serve it on a stand which is especially designed for it instead of your normal plate. Also like us if you feel pizzas are over priced and prefer making your own then serving them on this tray will make them look just as expensive ;). It also makes for a great gift for other's Weddings, Anniversaries or House-warming!
Brief Product Description
Material : Galvanized Sheet metal. Measurements : 12cm height, 34cm Diameter / 4.75inch height, 13inch diameter. Care Instructions:  Wipe with a soft damp cloth.
Review: 12 ratings4.5 stars

Egg Moulds

If you like eating and making sandwiches like me, you will love this! Breads are square and Burgers are round but my fried egg is neither :p which means the egg never sits perfectly in my sandwiches. This set of egg rings shall help overcome this nagging problem for a food lover who wants a perfect bite of their egg sandwich, now that is not too much to ask ;). Oh and also here are many fun shapes too which your kids will love so pick out the one you want.

Brief Product Description
Set of 4 moulds. Material: Stainless Steel. Color: Silver. Size: 9*9*1.4cm

Get it here @ Rs 1,491 on Amazon

Fridge Locker

Fridge Locker secures lunch, sweets, drinks, snacks or just about anything. Keep your food safe from Refrig-A-Raiders at a PG or hostel with your very own personal food security system. The portable design allows you to take your Fridge locker anywhere. It's a cool gift to get yourself when you are moving out of your beloved home, the home where there is only feeding and no stealing :P!
Brief Product Description
Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 19 x 19 cm. Item Weight: 771 g. Chrome metal combination lock

Vegetable Cutter

This doesn't blend, it actually chops! I saw this at a friend's place many years ago and just had to buy it. I know you are wondering, what's the big deal about this chopper.....well no battery, no electricity, no hard work.....just a quick tug at the handle and you can chop from coarse to fine. 

Brief Product Description
Package Contents: 1-Piece - Vegetable Cutter (500 ML). Suitable for cutting onions, all soft and hard vegetables, all fruits, fresh herbs, spices, cooked meat and fish, nuts and cheese.
Review: 1107 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,060 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 899 on Amazon


The Brilliant Reading Rest

If you have many recipe books handed down to you from generations or have been gifted many or if you are a collector, this reading rest is perfect for you. Next time you can rest your book on this with the page held open for you so you can cook your favorite recipes with ease. It comes in many colors and is an adorable buy for any cooking fan!

Brief Product Description
This one is constructed from durable,wipe-clean polypropylene making it particularly suitable for the kitchen. . It’s angle adjustable and handily folds down flat when not in use.
Review: 4 ratings 5 stars

Get it here at @ Rs 2,199 on Flipkart
Get it here in purple @ Rs 2,199 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 2,099 from Exciting Lives 

Coal Barbeque Grill

Oh the joy of barbeque or grilling!! For any food lover this is what heaven looks like. So if you are looking to gift something to yourself this year then consider this and we are sure you won't regret it.

Brief Product Description
To keep your cooked food warm, this grill comes with a warming rack. The warming rack also doubles up as an additional grill to indirectly cook soft and delicate food items like fish. This Prestige grill comes with a 1 year warranty card and an instruction manual. Employs charcoal based cooking. Available with an air damper and warming rack. Easy to clean and maintain.
Review: 210 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,399 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,899 on Amazon

Wooden Spice Box

This is a neat addition to your home. The contemporary design provides the utility quotient while the painting on the sides give the decor quotient to this wooden spice box. It's such a classy way to store your masalas - makes me wish somebody had gifted this to us on our wedding :).

Brief Product Description
Dimension:(L * W * H) = (8 * 8 * 2) Inch. Material: Sheesham Wood. Regional Specialty: Hand carving and natural color buffing from Saharanpur. Note: Box has 9 Partitions.
Review: 3 ratings 4.5 stars

Get the version with 4 boxes @ Rs 899 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 799 on Amazon

Chip and Dip Individual Trays

I love making dips and serving them with the right type of chips - that's very important because like any food lover will appreciate, they have to compliment each other. If one puts so much thought and effort into the food then it deserves an equally thoughtfully designed platter :P.

Brief Product Description
Material: Melamine. Set of 6 plates

Get it here @ Rs 849 on Flipkart

Wine & Cheese / Cocktail Platter

For wine connoisseurs and all those who love cocktails ....you have to have this beautiful tray to serve. It's just so pretty and ideal for serving any kind of cocktails that I am sure your guests will surely go gaga over it.

Brief Product Description
Width - 45 cm, Height - 6.88 cm, Depth - 26.25 cm and Weight - 0.99 kg

Get it here @ Rs 1,700 on Flipkart

Cookie Mug

This is a genius little invention. I mean cookies with Tea or Coffee are quintessential and this mug is perfect for both. You don't have to bother carrying a separate plate or tray, plus they also become warm which is just the way I like it. There is also a plain white version (review from there) - get it here @ Rs 399 on Amazon and here @ Rs 295 on Flipkart. Have your cookies and eat them too!

Brief Product Description
Capacity: 180 ml. Material: Ceramic.
Review: 3 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 600 on Flipkart
Get the Ninja design here @ Rs 300 on Flipkart
Get the wrestler design here @ Rs 400 on Amazon

Clever Cutter

My god!!.....wasn't our social media pages flooded with this genius invention....well it's finally here in India for all you Kitchenistas' to buy. So get this and your cooking prep will be a breeze here on out 🙂

Brief Product Description
Premium import quality stainless steel is used to make the great blades. t's premium design that includes pressure handle with spring enables faster cutting.
Review: 9 ratings 4.5 stars

Apple Cutter

'An apple a day keep the doctor away' how many times have we heard our parents say that?? One would think that it would have set in minds by now....so for all those who did take this seriously and make it a habit to eat an apple at least every other day

Brief Product Description
Cuts apple and removes core. Manual wash. Makes eight even slices. Stainless steel blade
Review: 355 ratings 4 stars

Get a different brand here @ Rs 99 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 70 on Amazon

All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.

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