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"All you need is,
That Perfect Song, On that Perfect Drive

A lot of these products which we have curated are awesome car accessories. The interesting thing I realized is that although one might not have most of these things....almost all car lovers and every long drive fanatic would love to own these ;p.
So if you love to go on long drives or love driving or love your car or simply put..spend a lot of time in your car then you would love to own everything on this list!

*Please note that the reviews may be slightly different from our site as they cannot be automatically updated.


Sun Visor Tissue Box

I know we all have tissue boxes in our cars but most people have them on the back seat with a fancy case but we have found unless you have chauffeur driven cars it doesn't make sense for the rest of us. It becomes especially cumbersome if you need it when you are in the driver's seat. This tissue holder fits neatly on the sun visor so you can easily pull one out right when you need it.

Brief Product Description
Size: 175 x 185 mm; Capacity: 30Pcs. Use the Clip on the Back of the Box to Affix it Onto the Sun-Visor of Your Car.
Review: 26 ratings4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 274 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 195 on Amazon

Sun Visor Glasses Clip Holder

I hadn't imagined that something like this could be available and started looking for only upon my husband's request because he often switches from sunglasses to his glasses......Like if it's sunny outside then he needs his glares but when we go indoors he has to switch back to his specs. This holder offers a great solution 🙂

Brief Product Description
Clips on the car sun visor and holds two glasses/sunglasses at a time. Adjustable soft pad jaws – ensures there is no scratch or damage to the glasses
Review: 13 ratings 4.5 stars

Car Tray Table

When we started working on this list...this was the first thing we looked for. If you go on a long drive then having food in the car can be a pain. This cool tray will solve that problem. Also almost always I realized then eating for the driver is the worst and that's where this tray mounted on the steering wheel is super handy. Buy it and we have a strong feeling that you will love the convenience!

Brief Product Description
Can be mounted to steering wheel, assistant seat and seat back. Can be used as a desk for notebook, holder for food, drink etc. Easy installation and angle adjustable. Will fit any steering wheel or car seat.

Get it here @ Rs 549 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 376 on Amazon

Car Backseat Organizer

This car backseat organizer will make your car journeys so much more organized where every little thing you are carrying is withing easy reach and you wont have to worry about things suddenly disappearing or rolling onto the floor. This is especially useful when you are on a long drive with little kids
Brief Product Description
Durable, easy to clean nylon. Protect seat backs from kicking so everything is within arm's reach but not within leg's reach.
Review: 6 ratings4.5 stars

Get a more reasonable version here @ Rs 690 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 1,436 on Amazon

Blind Spot Side View Wide Angle Mirrors

When driving long distances it's also important to be safe. When changing lanes or making steep turns or those hair pin bends in the mountains always throw bling spots. This cool thing attaches to your side view mirrors and enhances the visibility for the driver helping to reduce untoward incidents.

Brief Product Description
Convex Mirror with wide viewing angle. Features: Flexible movable head. Fits all types of car models and side mirrors. Just pull the sticker and fix it on the mirror. A pair of two Blind spot mirrors
Review: 38 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 444 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 299 on Amazon



Bluetooth Hands-free Kit

This is as functional as can be for any car lover. Now take control of your calls and music without any distractions with  this simple hands-free wireless bluetooth solution while you are on wheels. It's a must have for any car....don't know how anyone can do without it ;). So if you are wondering what to gift yourself that will make your life so much easier then this is it! 
Brief Product Description
It is compatible with almost all the phones; iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Windows and all A2DP profile smart-phones/tablets. It comes with Magnetic Mounts, Built-in 3.5mm Aux Cable, User Manual.
Review: 661 ratings 4.5 stars

Car Inflatable Bed

When you are on long road trips how many times have you wondered 'I wish I could just take a quick power nap"?? But of course car back seats aren't the most comfortable so this specifically designed air mattress comes to the rescue. It contours to the back seat of your car in order to provide a comfortable sleeping space so snooze away!

Brief Product Description
Size/Dimension: 85-90(W) x 115-130(L) x 42-45(H) cm. Maximum weight bearing capacity: 300Kg. Included pump with car plug
Review: 22 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 3,599 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 4,999 on Amazon

Car Seat Back Lumbar Support

No one but the driver can really appreciate the benefits of this gift. When driving for long hours everyone has the freedom of movement except the cautious driver therefore this back support will be a god send. It can be used for both driver and the front passenger with excellent results. Watch your back! 😉

Brief Product Description
Set of 2. Very Durable and light in weight. Can also be used in office chairs, sofas etc. Breathable mesh allows airflow for cool, comfortable use.
Review: 109 ratings3.5 stars

Seat Belt Cushion Cover

I have always had a problem with car seat belts digging into my neck and that's why never liked to wear seat belts so much so that I would sometimes risk not wearing it altogether. Now on one Valentine's day my husband decided my safety was just too important 🙂 :p so he gifted me a seat belt cover which back then he hunted for and found in Crossword. Ever since, we have gifted these to many people, so can you.

Brief Product Description
Set of 2. Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 14.8 x 4.4 cm. Item Weight: 82 g 
Review: 7 ratings 4 stars

Get it here @ Rs 675 on Flipkart

Car Seat Hangars

In the spirit of comfort in the car. I can't tell you how many times I keep my bag on my lap to make room for other people in the car on the back seat. I am sure many of you face the same thing and that's exactly why you should consider getting it so that you don't have to sacrifice your comfort. One can hang anything from handbags to other carry-ons for a hassle free ride. Also liked this one as it can carry 8kg 'coz my bags are always super heavy ;p.

Brief Product Description
Set of 2. Material : Plastic. Max Allowed Weight: 8kg
Review: 2 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 299 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 199 on Amazon

Mini Trash Bin

No long drive is complete without snacks on the way so basically we create litter as we go ;). Now in line with Swachh Bharat it would behoove you to remember to keep your world clean :). And this is why this cute little dustbin will serve the purpose. It can fit easily into car cup holders so you can keep your car and city clutter free!

Brief Product Description
The lid can be pushed open when you want to use the dust bin. It closes automatically through spring action when you release the lid. Hence the clutter does not spill back into your car.
Review: 47 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 220 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 250 on Flipkart

Get a different type here @ from Snapdeal

Car Air Vent Phone Mount

There are so many car phone holders today that it almost feels like a nightmare  to select one. How we zeroed in on this is because my husband hates anything obstructing the view so our dash board is absolutely empty. Most of  the car mounts you see are on the windshield and that just wouldn't work for us then we wondered how amazing it would be if we had something on the AC vent which seemed super comfortable in terms of both visibility and reach. Thus began the quest to find one so here we are 🙂

Brief Product Description
360 adjustable rotation for flexibility. Compatible with the phones which have below 6 inch screen. Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 9 x 3 cm. 03 Months Seller Warranty

Car Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

Ok....This is a really useful piece of equipment. If you go on long drives you should have one of these in the trunk because the tyres bear the brunt. If you feel they are low on air then you won't have to look for a mechanic...simply pull this out and you are good to go. It is also a handy tool for everyday use when you realize you don't have to wait in line for filling air in the tyres at the petrol pump.

Brief Product Description
Power: 1W. Voltage: 4.2V. Material: Plastic. Foldable Size: 85 x 50mm (D x H). Un-foldable Size: 130 x 85mm (L x D). Power Supply: 3 x AAA Batteries
Review: 31 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 2,194 on Amazon

Get different types from @ Rs 3,180 on Flipkart

Flexible Torch

When you are stuck somewhere dark on the road and need to look into your car bonnet or the wheels to fix the problem....this bendy torch will light the way.

Brief Product Description
The Gorilla torch Blade combines 130 Lumens of CREE LED light with the precise positioning of 360° pan and 180° tilt. Aluminum exterior is scratch and water resistant. It can even last all day long thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged using the including AC adapter or USB cord.

Get it here @ Rs 4,360 on Amazon

Car Umbrella Holder

Yes when it rains we are only too glad to get into our cars but how about that umbrella that you have been carrying?? It is soaking wet and you don't want water all over your car so leave it on the floor and forget about it. This little accessory will hold your umbrella, keep your car dry and no musty smell...so gift this to yourself and your car will thank you for your thoughtfulness 😉

Brief Product Description
This product is waterproof, can hold 1-3 umbrellas, the length is adjustable to fit with long or short umbrellas. Folded Size: 170 x 125 x 10 mm / 6.63 x 4.875 x 0.39 inch • Unfolded Size: 850 x 130 x 2 mm / 33.15 x 5.07 x 0.078 inch

Get it here @ Rs 590 on Amazon

Portable Car Cooler and Warmer

A chilled drink on a long drive is a dream come true. If you are ever wondering how to carry those beers or soft drinks and ice cubes to have by the river side when you get there or eating hot lunch just as your wife intended it...then you have to have this. Not to mention having chilled water on a hot summer day or fruits that stay fresh on the go. 

Brief Product Description
Easy handling with sling on strap with enough space for 6 half litre bottles. Thermo-Electric chiller & warmer for cars. Min temp +5°C. Maximum Temperature +65°C to keep food & drinks warm.
Review: 14 ratings3.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 5,199 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 5,094 on Amazon

Side Window Sun Shade

If you know someone who keeps their car parked out in the open or drives long distances in the summer then this is an ideal gift. The car will stay cool and also keep your family inside away from prying eyes. It folds up neatly when not in use unlike the common sun shades. Also I tried to find something generic so it's hassle free to gift but there are many car model specific ones also out there so feel free to browse for others.

Brief Product Description
There is a very tiny hook attached to window glass, which brings sunshade fabric rolls up and down freely with window glass up and down. Product Dimensions: 48.3 x 12.4 x 2.5 cm
Review: 3 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 599 on Flipkart

Get a different type here @ Rs 450 on Amazon

Dashboard Anti Slip Mat

I am sure, like us, many of you have waved your hand blindly into the gear box in the hopes of  finding the phone you kept there or the change you had for parking :P. Well.....no more....with this anti slip mat all of that is within easy reach! Besides don't forget that convenience plays a big part in safety when driving.

Brief Product Description
The patented material is washable, removable and reusable. Secure mobile phones, coins, sunglasses, MP3 Players and i pods.
Review: 1 rating 5 stars
Suggested by - Diganta Malakar - Hooray!! and Thank you 🙂 

All these products make for really Unique Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Besides gifting these to yourself….they also make for awesome gifts for your Husband/Boyfriend or gifts for your Wife/Girlfriend. Solve your gifting problems by browsing through these really beyond the ordinary gifting ideas.

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