Unique Gifts and Gifting Ideas for Weddings | Anniversaries

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When you are going for your friend's/Cousin's wedding, it is such a daunting task to select a gift. But when you do find that unique gift or that awesome gift which is perfect for the couple.....wouldn't they remember you every time they either looked at it or used it?

Has anyone ever fondly remembered you giving cash?? No!

Because it says so much more when you put in thought and effort in a gift, that's why they say, it's the thought that counts 🙂

So here is a list of some things that make for awesome wedding/anniversary gifts from our selection:-

unique design Tea Set of 6

One might say that tea sets are so common, but because everyone thinks that.....you end up with having to buy your own 😛 . Ok now why you should give this one....the design is really genius and extremely unique, where the plate is shaped in such a way that it looks like a disc around the cup , so make sure you look at the pictures carefully 🙂

Brief Product Description
Dimension:Cup: (H * Dia) = (2.6 * 2.8) Inch, Saucer: (Dia) = (3.5) Inch. Regional Speciality:Stoneware painting work from Khurja. Material: Stoneware
Review: 5 ratings3.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 899 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 999 on Flipkart

Get another interesting design option here @ Rs 999 on Flipkart

interesting design Tea Set of 6

Tea sets are quintessential to every household that's why one can never have enough which makes it a perfect gift. So here is another really awesome design for a tea set which makes for a really memorable gift. Every time they serve in it....they will think of you 🙂

Brief Product Description
Material: Ceramic; Color: Multi. Capacity: 0.25 ml. Product Dimension (L): 45 cm. Package Contents: 1 Plate with 6 Cups

Get it here @ Rs 1,500 on Amazon

Wine & Cheese / Cocktail platter

For wine connoisseurs and all those who love cocktails ....you have to have this beautiful tray to serve. It's just so pretty and ideal for serving any kind of cocktails that I am sure your guests will surely go gaga over it.

Brief Product Description
Width - 45 cm, Height - 6.88 cm, Depth - 26.25 cm and Weight - 0.99 kg

Get it here @ Rs 1,700 on Flipkart

Elegant Spice Box

This is a neat addition to your home. The contemporary design provides the utility quotient while the painting on the sides give the decor quotient to this wooden spice box. It's such a classy way to store your masalas - makes me wish somebody had gifted this to us on our wedding :).

Brief Product Description
Dimension:(L * W * H) = (8 * 8 * 2) Inch. Material: Sheesham Wood. Regional Specialty: Hand carving and natural color buffing from Saharanpur. Note: Box has 9 Partitions.
Review: 3 ratings 4.5 stars

LED Colour Changing Candles

I actually bought the one from Amazon recently and was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful they are. My use case for them is to use it for ambiance while soaking in my bath tub ;). There can be so many others....like when you set up a romantic dinner table or an eclectic mix of colours when friends are over, etc etc.

Brief Product Description
Using The Remote Control Included, Program Candles To Provide A Gentle Flickering Light Or A Steady Delicate Glow. You Also Have The Power To Choose How Long Your Candles 'Burn' For. Candles Come In 3 Different Sizes.
Review: 15 ratings 4 stars

The ones here are a little more expensive for higher budgets 🙂 @ Rs 2,796 on Amazon

Wine Picnic Set

Imagine driving down to your favorite spot with your spouse to enjoy the sunset. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could sip on some Champagne there too?? This wine set will help carry those breakable bottles and those elegant flutes which you need 🙂

Brief Product Description
Includes 2 acrylic wine glasses, 2 napkins, 1 Corkscrew, and 1 bottle stopper. Can hold two bottles (not included). High-quality finish. Packed Size: 18 x 9 x 4 inches

Get it here from Exciting Lives @ Rs 2999

Shoe Rack like none other

I know you must be thinking...."shoe rack....really??" But you have to admit this is the kind you have never seen before :P. I mean imagine when the bride comes to the new home with her really nice pairs of brand new shoes and she opens this neat little gift.....I am sure she will be thrilled and will thank you every time she uses it 🙂

Brief Product Description
Product Dimensions: Length (28 inches), Width (10 inches), Height (28 inches). Primary Material: Metal. No Assembly Required: The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state. Warranty: 1 Year on product
Review: 7 ratings 4.5 stars

Travel Scratch Map

Everyone I meet these days says they love travelling which makes me almost sure that the one you are gifting would be a travel lover too :). Well..if they happen to be then this scratch map is perfect because not only can they showcase their travel journey to their friends and family but will also re live their memories every time they look at this in their living room. Really wish someone had given me this on my wedding 🙂

Brief Product Description
Size 88 X 52cm. Featuring Color And Geographical Detail, Each Country Is A Different Color. Scratch Map Is A Amazingly High Quality, Umber Massive Wall Map. Top Layer Is Gold Foil For Easy Scratching.

Love for Travel Map

Like I said...there are many travel lovers out there so this is another really elegant canvas with a really unique design to show your love for travel. This has many sizes and either framed or unframed versions so choose what you want 🙂

Brief Product Description
Premium artistic 400GSM pure white 100% cotton matte painting canvas. Premium quality art materials printed with eco-friendly UV resistant inks for bright and rich colours which are easy to clean.

Car Inflatable Bed

Well isn't this a creative gift for a newly married couple 😉 especially if they love going on long drives. Just park your car near a beautiful lake with awesome weather, open the car doors and snuggle up 🙂

Brief Product Description
Size/Dimension: 85-90(W) x 115-130(L) x 42-45(H) cm. Maximum weight bearing capacity: 300Kg. Included pump with car plug

Review: 22 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 3,599 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 4,999 on Amazon

Book Ends

These book end are perfectly suited for your friends and family who love reading and also have an aesthetic sense for gorgeous decor. Any simple table top can be converted into a beautiful book rack by placing these holders at both ends. They are extremely stylish and make for awesome wedding or anniversary gifts.

These are just some suggestions and I hope you liked them however there are many more ideas on our site. Plus I know, I don't know your friends and family so why don't you browse through our range of 'Interests' and explore the things your loved ones are bound to love! :). These include - Driving/Car Lovers, Kitchenistas, Social species, Travelers, Readers and more