12 Unique and Interesting Products for Diwali

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Diwali is a time when gifts abound, both for self and others but don't you want yours to stand out and be remembered??

So here is a list of some quirky and unique gifts with extraordinary designs for Diwali for you to choose from. Since they say Diwali is a festival of lights, we have put together some really interesting collection to brighten up your Diwali 🙂

Baby Ganesha Diya

One cannot fathom a Diwali list not starting with Lord Ganesha. Aren't you tired of seeing the same kind of Ganesha idols everywhere?? Maybe it's time for a more creative Diwali 🙂 ....What I really like about this is the really really cute rendition of a baby Ganesha which doubles up as a Diya too.

Brief Product Description
Dimensions : Total (H * DIA) = (4.6 * 4.2), Ganesha (H * DIA) = (4 * 4.2) Inch. Color : Copper Brown. Material : Terracotta. ART TYPE: Terracotta Handpainted and Handmade .
Review: 4 ratings 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 799 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 955 on Flipkart

Dancing Ganesha Hanging Diya

If classy is more your style then this is such an elegant option for you to buy or gift. It's a 7 oil wick diya so would be perfectly suited for hanging at your entrance where you can spread the joy of dancing and light for everyone who comes over 🙂

Brief Product Description
Material: Brass. Dimensions (Diya): Length: 5 inches (12 cm) , Width: 5 inches (12 cm) , Height: 6 inches (15 cm) and 17 inches (43 cm) of Chain Length
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,745 on Flipkart

Get it here @ Rs 1,449 on Amazon

Electric Diyas

Ever wished the Diyas' on your balcony last at least for the one Diwali night?? I know I have, after putting so much effort into making the wicks, adding oil and then placing them gently on our balcony ledges, these would invariably be put out by the wind within a few hours 🙁 . So here is a neat option where your Diya's glow bright thorugh the night! 🙂 

Brief Product Description
Made of a fine bendable copper wire & Diya made up of Plastic. 21 Bright Bulbs built-in Diyas in Series Form.
Review: 3 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 275 on Amazon

Get it here @ Rs 279 on Flipkart

Sliver Ball Lights

Continuing with the outdoor lighting, we see the same kind of lights on every balcony of every house.....maybe it's time to change it up too? I am sure your house will stand out if you use these silver ball lights :). These can also be used indoors if you want to class up your living room so give these a try this Diwali!

Brief Product Description
Set Of 20 Beautiful LED Battery Operated Fairy Lights. On / Off Switch. Clear Cable. Power - 5watts.
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,440 on Amazon

If you want another multi color option then check this out here @ Rs 790 on Flipkart

LED Rangoli

Rangolis' are quintessential to Diwali but is so much work to make them look nice. You can now have a beautiful rangoli with even LED lights so they are pretty and shine bright for all your guests 🙂

Brief Product Description
Made from acrylic. Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

Get it here @ Rs 900 on Amazon

Ganesha Bottle Lamp

Now let's look at some indoor lighting options. Honestly I don't think you need Diwali as an occasion to buy these but it sure is the best time! :).  So let's start with a Ganesha Lamp for the modern bhakts...

Brief Product Description
Material: Glass. Height x Diameter: 12-inch x 4-inch. Power Source: AC Adapter
Review: 1 rating 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 799 on Amazon

Get the bigger size here @ Rs 1,199 on Flipkart

Tea Serving Set

Ok let's take a break from lights but move onto an equally bright and cheery :). Aren't you bored serving tea in the same old square and rectangular trays with sometimes equally boring handles?? That's when this interesting and colorful tea set comes to the rescue when you serve this Diwali!! 

Brief Product Description
Material: Ceramic; Color: Multi. Capacity: 0.25 ml. Product Dimension (L): 45 cm. Package Contents: 1 Plate with 6 Cups

Get it here @ Rs 1,500 on Amazon

Cashew Shaped Bowl

Now who can forget dry fruits and sweets. This time avoid the drabby same old dry fruit boxes and instead get a few of these bowls and fill them with whatever you want to make a lasting impression 😛 . Oh and if you feel particularly creative then have a look --> for a DIY idea 🙂

 diy-trayBrief Product Description
Material: Aluminium. Colour : White. Item Size : 3.5 cm x 21 cm x 12.5 cm. Package Contains:1 Serving Bowl. Break Resistant and Rust Free Durable Metal Item
My Review: 4.5 starsI had ordered another item from this range and it was pretty good.

Get it here @ Rs 699 on Flipkart
Get it here @ Rs 699 on Amazon

Book Safe as the box

We all know what happens to the Diwali sweet/dry fruit boxes when the contents are over....let's be honest, they go straight into the trash. How about you try something different this Diwali season?

Gift your goodies in this box which is actually a safe and I am almost certain your friends and family would be amused and 'treasure' it always 😉

Brief Product Description
This is a safe designed to be concealed as a book. Dimension: 26.5 X 20 X 6.5 cm ( 265 x 200 x 65mm ).  Two keys included.
Review: 5 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,844 on Amazon

Get another design here @ Rs 1,299 on Flipkart

Bird Cage Lamp

Aaaand....we are back on lights. This is a really interesting concept for a lamp. You can put candles or tea lights or anything else you want in these and hang them for really chic home decor. Gifting this is also a great option.

Brief Product Description
Quantity: Set of two White Floral Cage- One large and one small. Material: Iron with powder coating. Dimensions: Large Cage: Length 37.5 cm; Diameter: 22 cm Small Cage: Length 26 cm; Diameter: 16 cm
Review: 4 ratings 4.5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,299 on Amazon

Get another design option here @ Rs 1,600 on Flipkart

Dream Catchers with Lights

Such a lovely concept to bring in good dreams with fairy lights and soft feathers. This is just so pretty that I just can't conjure up any more words to describe it 🙂

Brief Product Description
White feathers. 230V 50Hz input. Product dimensions: 24.1 x 23.6 x 5.1 cm. Primary material: Wool & Wool Blend. Consists of a 10 meter series light all fixed to the dream catcher.
Review: 18 ratings 5 stars

Get it here @ Rs 1,299 on Amazon

Get another option here @ Rs 1,299 on Flipkart

Poker Set

Ending this post with something we love to end the Diwali night with 🙂  Play cards a little differently this Diwali season. If you haven't then try your hand at it, we are sure you will love it! It is super fun to play with proper chips and the works, which makes it feel more real 😛 .  So buy it for yourself or maybe gift it to someone 🙂 

Brief Product Description
11.50gms Casino Standard 200 Chips. 2 Decks Casino Standard Playing Cards. 5 Acrylic Dice and 1 Dealer Button Aluminum Case with Lock.
Review: 16 ratings 4.5 stars

Get a 300 Chips set here @ Rs 2,399 on Flipkart

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There are many more Unique and Creative products on our website so do check them out if you want to buy or gift based on Interest/Hobbies/Personalities under the tab 'Interests'