About Us


something which is beyond the ordinary. things which are extraordinary and unique. this adjective is used to describe something that is interesting and cool.
usage: "the products on this website are just beyondinary"
extraordinary, interesting, unique

The Who

I am the loud, social and street smart Punjabi and he is the sober, creative and intelligent Bengali - together, we love Travelling, Food and of course each other :P. We do try to take as many trips as we can around the country and the world and gorge on varied cuisines 🙂

We are both Marketing professionals who moved to Bangalore a few years ago and have been living and loving it here. I will work full time on scanning the web and updating the site with more and more interesting ideas and Ayan will don a more advisory role (read gyaan ;P) since his full time job keeps him plenty busy. We are so happy to finally launch this and can't wait to see what you all think of it so do send in your love by way of positive feedback and/or suggestions for improvement which we will surely work on.

Cheers to a Creative Life!

Divya Gupta


Ayan Ghosh

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The Why

Every so often on our trips out of the country we would come across some cool products at hotels, our host’s houses or when we went to supermarkets. Once back home we thought of looking for them but didn’t even know where to begin. We just assumed that these things wouldn’t be available here, period.

After a while curiosity got the best of us so we decided to try and check anyway….guess what….to find one thing we had to try many different keyword variations, scan multiple sites and spend a really really long time in the hopes of finally finding what we were looking for.

Thus began our journey of finding these cool things. We started loving it and after sometime when we had a few ideas together we thought of sharing our finds with everyone via this blog/website. Blog: because everything here is chosen by us after a lot of thought and research. Website: because we wanted it to be easy for you to navigate and just enjoy the experience!

The What

If you love to add that little extra to your life to elevate it from the mundane to the extraordinary, then this is for you.

If you want to spice up your hobbies and interests, then this is for you.

If making life simpler in every way possible is your goal, then this is for you.

If you look for ways of expressing who you are, then this is for you.

If you constantly embark on an endeavor to discover new stuff, then this is for you.

If you are wondering what to gift your loved ones, then also this is for you 🙂

We have spent months curating these lists from across the web to save you the time and hassle. Everything here is one-of-a-kind be it in terms of the product idea or design and they are extremely functional too!

We are constantly going to keep working in order to find more and more unique things for a wider range of interests. Do tell us what you think and share your feedback. We'd be delighted to hear from you 🙂

We hope you enjoy browsing and find things which you will love so go on and explore!!

p.s. -  None of the sellers of these products have approached us in any way. The suggestions here are purely based on our research on the web and things we found unique/interesting. No sellers are paying us anything for these opinions. When you click and buy products from our links then we do get a very small commission from Amazon/Flipkart etc., however the price you pay stays exactly the same as a direct purchase from these websites 🙂